Anova Group is a consulting company providing SAS programmers to Biostatistics deparment and Data Management. We have candidates who work well with a biostatistician and gets successful completion of project and moreover we have candidates who work well with a Data Manager and write SQL queries to make sure that data is not dirty. 


Our candidates follow the industry standards in programming. They are well versed with CDISC guidelines. They not only follow the process but are contineuously thinking of improving it. Candidates always have the end goal of submission in mind while working, which makes the process go smooth after the database lock.

Analysing Clinical Trail Data

Understanding the Analysis


Our Programmers have worked in all phases of clinical Trial, starting with early phase all the way to late phase of Clinical Trial. They have good understanding of Integrated studies and their challenges. Most of our candidates have good experience with Integrated Summary of Safety (ISS) and Integrated Summary of Efficacy (ISE) for Investigation New Drug (IND) application. Our candidates have also participated in New Drug Application following a successful Phase 3 trial. New research has shown that Late phase or Phase 4 data has lot of potentials and exposes lot term side effects. Our candidates work closely with Clinical Scientist and help them with Manuscripts and poster creation.

Understanding of Protocol

Therapeutic Experience


Our Programmers have worked on various Therapuetic Areas (TA) such as Oncology, Opthalmology, Endocrinology, Cardiovascular, Inflammation etc. We pride ourself with our Oncology experience. Deriving complicated ADaM for Progression Free Survival, Overall Survival and performing survival analysis. We can help with complicated graphs like Water fall and Forest plots. With the help of a Biostatistician we can calcuate Pvalues, Hazard Ratio, Odds Ratio and other inferential statistics.


Deliever Using Current Standards

CDISC, CDASH and ODM standards


We follow the standards of regulatory agencies like FDA, EMEA and NCBI. Our candidates are well versed with CDISC guidelines. They conform to standards like ADaM, SDTM and ODM (define.xml). Our candidates not only follow the process but always think of imporving it for more conformance and ease of use. Our dataset and reports goes through a thorough QC process to make sure the reports represent the data. 

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